Raees Hussain-Aamir

Vice President of Strategy and Business Management at the Bank of Montreal

2015 Young Alumni Achievement Medal Winner

Raees accepting his alumni achievement medalRaees Hussain-Aamir graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Operations Research and Computer Science (minor) from the University of Waterloo (UW) in 2004. Raees was the Valedictorian at Faculty of Mathematics summer convocation in 2004.

At UW, Raees trained with the varsity track and field team, acted in the FASS (faculty, alumni, staff and students) theater production, presided over a 140+ student club, and volunteered extensively on campus (Food Bank and Waterloo Public Interest Research Group).

Raees currently serves as a Vice President of Strategy and Business Management at the Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Toronto. Within his current leadership role, Raees provides strategic support to a multi-billion dollar business, with a geographical span of across Canada, United States, Asia and Europe. Raees is currently in his 11th year of full time experience after graduating from UW. Prior to BMO, Raees excelled in positions at Deloitte and Touche , Energy Savings Group (rebranded as Just Energy) and Fidelity Investments.

Raees maintains his ties with the University of Waterloo. His advocacy for the quality education received at UW has resulted in at least 4 members of his family/friends having attended the university. He has attended recruitments events with his companies to hire quality recruits from UW. He has also conducted information sessions on UW overseas to promote the university.

At the tender age of 33, Raees has excelled in his career rapidly, all the while remaining grounded to his roots. He is a strong example of an immigrant success story, and has surely been cited as a role model by others.