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Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott is the kind of professor whose energy motivates students to get out of bed for an early-morning class three days a week in the dead of winter term. That’s the consensus according to his MATH 138 students. It earned him a distinction in teaching, along with Professor Ross Willard.

Matthew ScottA member of the Department of Applied Mathematics since 2008, Professor Scott has been an Associate Professor since July of this year. He teaches a breadth of undergraduate level courses in math core, math service, and applied math core, along with multiple graduate courses. But he doesn’t just teach the material – rather, he uses material to tell the story of the evolution of mathematics.

Going beyond what’s expected of him, Scott incorporates the history of mathematics in his lessons by explaining how pioneering theorists like Euler and Gauss, for example, came to make their conclusions. And his students love it. For one student, “learning calculus from Professor Scott was like hearing a fantastic personal story.” To another, his teaching is “as gripping as a fiction thriller novel.” His enthusiasm for math and math history shine through and keep students hanging on his every word.

On top of engaging lectures with question-breaks between every major point, Scott ensures students get the most from their studies. He regularly provides supplementary resources and readings on his web page with detailed lecture and tutorial notes for eager learners, and additional helpful materials for struggling students.

The Faculty of Mathematics is proud to have a faculty member with infectious passion that helps students better know themselves and grow their love of math.