Digital display screens

Did you know that you can advertise events, seminars and announcements on the digital display screens in MC, M3 and DC?

Screen locations

MC 3rd floor (between Math C&D and Comfy Lounge)

MC 4th floor (outside MUO)

M3 Atrium


Creating images

You can create the image you would like displayed and save it in .png or .jpg format. Alternatively, templates have been provided for creating images to be displayed on digital display screens. Follow instructions below to create and save image.

  • Make appropriate changes to the slide(s)
  • Export slide: Click File> Export, Name the file, Select PNG or JPEG, Click ‘Save Current Slide’ option, Adjust width and height for pixel specification, Click Export

Submitting images

To submit your image, specifications and contacts are provided.

  • MC/M3 screens: Email Nick Di Benedetto 
    • Ensure images are saved as .png or .jpg
    • Ensure images are 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high
  • DC Screens: Email Joe Petrik 
    • Ensure images are saved as .png or .jpg
    • Ensure images are 3840 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high

Note: Images are typically displayed for a maximum of two weeks. Accommodation for requests may be prioritized.