Strategic planning and analysis

The Director of Planning is here to connect you to the Faculty of Mathematics’ strategic planning process and to help meet your data and analysis needs.

Strategic planning

The Director of Planning manages the Faculty’s ongoing strategic planning process including consultation, development, implementation, assessment and reporting.

Faculty of Mathematics Quick Facts

Faculty (July 2022): 306

Staff (July 2022): 150

Undergraduate Students (Nov. 2022): 8,118

Graduate Students (Nov. 2022): 1,123

Postdoctoral Fellows (July 2022): 69

Research Funding (2022/23): $20.4M

Alumni (Dec. 2022): 46,586

Data and analysis

Contact the Director of Planning for support with:

  • Data, analysis and research to better understand the Faculty and its units, for decision support or to support continuous improvement
  • Definition and interpretation of institutional measures and indicators
  • Information about global university rankings of mathematics, computer science and statistics
  • Interpreting and applying the University’s guidelines and resources for surveys