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Big E and Special K contests 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Big E and Special K contests were held on Saturday November 5th. These are mathematics contests for undergraduate University of Waterloo students.

The Special K contest is for 1st year students and the Big E contest is for upper year students. Both contests consist of 6 problems, and complete written solutions are required.

This year, 46 students participated in the contests.

The winners of the Big E contest were

  • 1st place: Antonio Molina Lovett
  • tie for 2nd:  Sina Abbasi and Nihal Pednekar.
  • Very close behind were Xuanji Li and Daniel Spivak.

The next 3 students were Xinle (Clair) Dai, Alexandru Gatea and Billy Jin, and the following 4 were Ariel Gershon, Zhengyu Gu, Andrew Jay and Michael Pang.

The winners of the Special K contest were

  • 1st place:   Erlang Wiratama Surya
  • tie for 2nd:  Albert Gevorgyan and Anzo Zhao Yang Teh.
  • Very close behind was Jun Yan.

The next 2 students were Joakim Blikstad and Robert Cummings, followed by Yuval Ohapkin then by Zhi Ying (Daniel) Yu and Xiao Feng Zhong.

Congratulations to all the winners!

In each contest, there is a $200 prize for 1st place and a $125 prize for each student tied for 2nd place.

Prof. Stephen New