CEMC Wins NSERC Award for Science Promotion

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

science promotion award presentation

Congratulations to the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, (CEMC) honoured today with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Award for Science Promotion. Details in this NSERC media release.

Pictured above are Ian VanderBurgh (CEMC Director), Tibor Turi (NSERC Ontario Regional Office Manager) and Ian Goulden (Faculty of Mathematics Dean).

The award recognizes and celebrates over fifty years of mathematics and computing outreach with teachers and students in Canada and around the world. The CEMC has long been known for contests and schools visits and workshops. While these continue with great success, the online resources have also been steadily expanding. A University of Waterloo homepage story features the latest CEMC online resource - Grade 12 math courseware.

I am delighted that the CEMC has been recognized with the NSERC Award for Science Promotion. This dedicated group has had an enormous impact across Canada and around the world, supporting and encouraging teachers while getting students excited about mathematics and computer science. We all benefit when young people bring this excitement to higher education and careers in STEM fields. Ian Goulden

Photo credit: NSERC/Simon Wilson, The Canadian Press