Self-driving car team achieves personal best in Vegas

Friday, January 27, 2023

Waterloo students pose with their self-driving car

Students at the University of Waterloo continue to push the limits of autonomous vehicles as members of a multi-school racing team.

Eight Waterloo students from mathematics, computer science, and  teamed up with peers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pittsburgh and the Rochester Institute of Technology for a high-profile event earlier this month at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Representing the Faculty of Mathematics were Connor Kirby (BMath/BBA), Jatin Mehta (CS), Ryan Larkin (CS), Vivek Bhardwaj (CS/BBA), Andre Slavescu (CS), and Brian Mao (MMath Applied Mathematics). 

In its fourth on-track competition since the Indy Autonomous Challenge began in 2019, the joint team finished fourth and set a personal best by clocking over 150 mph with its million-dollar, self-driving Indy car.

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