Faculty of Mathematics Employment Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Indigenous and Black excellence faculty hiring

As part of the University-wide initiative to address systemic underrepresentation of Indigenous and Black faculty and to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusivity for all, the Faculty of Mathematics is hiring tenure-track/tenured academic appointments to increase representation of academics who are:

  • self-identify as Indigenous (i.e., status and non-status First Nations, Inuit/Inuk, Métis and those from tribal nations and Indigenous communities across Turtle Island).
  • self-identify as Black.

New professorial positions are available for broad areas of research across all Faculty of Mathematics disciplines, including all areas of mathematics, actuarial science, statistics and computer science. The positions are at the assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor levels, with the intention to recruit faculty at a range of career stages.  Recruitment for these new positions is open and will continue until all positions are successfully filled. 

The Faculty of Mathematics has reserved a number of Faculty of Mathematics Research chairs which may be available to supplement new hires into these positions. Additional details on the Faculty of Mathematics Research Chairs can be found here.

More information on the University of Waterloo initiative for Indigenous and Black faculty hires, and application instructions, can be found here.

Interested candidates for Faculty of Mathematics positions are encouraged to send their inquiries to Recruitment.Provost@uwaterloo.ca

Mathematics Prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship

Faculty of Mathematics Prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship (MPPDF) program intends to attract high-calibre scholars to conduct research in Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics and Optimization, Computer Science, Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science or any related fields. Up to three Fellowships per year will be awarded, recognizing postdoctoral researchers with the potential to transform their field of research.  

The Fellowship is tenable at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada and is valued at a minimum guaranteed CAD 75,000 plus benefits per year for up to two years.  

A research stipend of CAD 15,000 per year for up to two years is also awarded to all recipients. This research stipend will be held by the Chair of the Department or School Director and can be used to cover Tri-Agency eligible expenses.


  • Open to citizens of any country 
  • Must conduct research in Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics and Optimization, Computer Science, Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science or any related fields 
  • Must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than three years prior to the start date of the proposed Fellowship. The window of eligibility can be extended by a cumulative maximum of two years if the applicant had their career interrupted due to parental leave, illness of a family member or oneself, and/or any other critical life events (e.g. war, natural disasters, etc.) 

  • At the time of application submission, the applicant must not hold a postdoc position or be employed at the University of Waterloo 

Prospect postdocs should contact their desired departments/school for additional details on the Fellowships, eligibility, application process and deadline, and evaluation criteria. 

The Faculty of Mathematics and the University of Waterloo value the diverse and intersectional identities of students, faculty, and staff. We regard equity and diversity as an integral part of academic excellence and are committed to accessibility for all employees and seek applicants who are committed to our values of equity, diversity, anti-racism, and inclusion. Further, we encourage applications from candidates who have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized. 

Provost’s Program for Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholars 

The aim is to support emerging scholars who are engaging in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, as aligned with the University strategic plan to identify and solve challenges through approaches that extend beyond disciplinary boundaries such that increasingly complex, real-world programs can be solved. This program will support scholars whose work will bridge across different Faculties/departments, synthesize the knowledge of two (or more) disciplines, and result in high impact/innovative outcomes. Visit the Provost’s Program for Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholars for more information. 

Value: $60,000 plus $5,000 research fund 
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: December 1, 2022

Provost’s Program for Black and Indigenous Postdoctoral Scholars

The aim of this program is to support Black and Indigenous scholars, as aligned with the University’s strategic plan to strengthen sustainable and diverse communities, with particular attention to promoting Indigenous initiatives and ensuring a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusivity for all. Successful scholars will improve the representation, participation and engagement of equity-deserving groups within our community, and support new and existing programs, policies, and processes that foster more diverse campus community. This program is aimed to advance emerging scholars whose work is transformative, is of societal importance, and has global impact. Visit Provost’s Program for Black and Indigenous Postdoctoral Scholars for more information.

Value: $60,000 plus $5,000 research fund
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: December 1, 2022

AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is designed to attract the most accomplished postdoctoral leaders from top universities across the globe. Through a generous gift from alumnus Calvin Choi, the AMTD Fellowship provides financial support to postdoctoral scholars with the goal of fostering boundless opportunities to develop research and scholarship at the University of Waterloo. Candidates for this program will be those who have a disruptive research agenda that accelerates the development of revolutionary talent in research and scholarship, for the betterment of society. Research focus should be in the areas identified as strategic areas of research strength, with work that challenges and advances disciplines, is transformative, and has global impact. As well, scholars should demonstrate leadership and external engagement within and outside the academy. Visit the AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellowship for more information.   

Value: $75,000 plus $7,500 engagement fund
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: December 1, 2022

Tenure track faculty and lecturer positions available

Positions in:

We also have sessional teaching positions available. Fill out the application form.