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Undergraduate Student

Applied Mathematics with Physics Option, Co-op

Past co-op position:
First-year experience leader, University of Waterloo Student Success Office, Waterloo, ON

Kingston, ON


President of Waterloo Quidditch Program, Teaching Assistant (TA) with the Math Tutorial Center, member of cultural clubs, many intramural teams, and volunteer at Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Sachin is a second year Mathematics student who has grown his passion for education and teaching in his time here at the University of Waterloo. Originally from Kingston Ontario, Sachin has found a second home here at UWaterloo, where he is involved in just about every aspect of university life! Whether out on the Quidditch pitch or working hard in the classroom, Sachin is a well rounded student who is always willing to lend a hand.

Why Waterloo?

Sachin has always loved math and has been good at it. In his words “when I think of math, I think Waterloo” and vice versa. Since grade 5 Sachin has been writing the math contests created by our own Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC). He loves that Waterloo is encouraging a love of math and that they care about education, something that is very important to Sachin himself. He loves the CEMC and helps with the marking of math contests. In grade 10 Sachin made the top 10% for that year’s contest and went to a math camp at the University of Ottawa.

What made the biggest impact to make you choose Waterloo?

Sachin came to both the fall open house and the March break open house the year applied for University. Although he had already been accepted by the March break event, what really made him know Waterloo was the right choice was when one faculty member Serge D’Alessio remembered him from the first event. It was this connection that made Sachin realize that Waterloo was a community where he would matter. Sachin also really enjoyed the Euclid workshop that was during the March break event.

How do you like Waterloo now that you’re here?

Sachin has found his experience at Waterloo so far to be humbling. “There are so many people here who are smarter than you, and there’s so much to learn from them” he says. Sachin in UWaterloo Math, took classes at St. Jerome’s University, and lived at Conrad Grebel College whose entire environment revolved around community involvement. He finds that Waterloo has a very collegial environment and found this most through out the small group problem sessions he partook in at St. Jerome’s. He noted that there is definitely a competitive side, especially in advanced sections of classes but it’s this bit of competitiveness that humbles you and pushes you to be your very best.

How was your co-op term?

Sachin absolutely loved his first work term as he got to live his dream of working with students. With the Student Success Office, Sachin organized and helped to lead key university events such as Student Life 101 and You@Waterloo Day. He says the two biggest things that he noticed from these events were that “the students formed a connection with us, the leaders, but more importantly they formed lasting connections and friendships with each other”. To this day he sees students who met one another at these events and are still friends.

What is your plan for University?

Sachin is currently in honours Mathematics, Co-op but plans to declare his major in Applied Mathematics with a Physics Option later this year. Applied Mathematics is the right fit for Sachin because he wants to use math and apply it to real world situations. He emphasized his love of the co-op program and how truly invaluable the experience you gain from it is. Sachin has always wanted to be a teacher and plans to teach at the university level. He is currently experimenting with the idea of conducting research and studying abroad.

Advice for first-year students

Be open to the fact that you won’t be the best person here. Use it to your advantage to learn from the best – because the best is here. Explore new things and find balance in your life. Start with the amount of involvement you had in high school and adapt from there. In the words of Mark Twain "twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do."

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