Math-linked teams in Concept 5K semi-finals for winter 2022

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Velocity startup incubator
Two Faculty of Mathematics-linked teams are featuring in the winter 2022 edition of the Concept 5K startup challenge.

The Concept 5K startup challenge is an initiative of the Velocity incubator and provides a platform for students to pitch ventures or products. Students in mathematics and computer science programs are a mainstay in the bi-annual competition, with math-linked teams having been named among the winners in several of the previous editions.

The contest starts out with hundreds of teams applying to take part, and then a semi-finals round with about a dozen teams pitching to a panel of industry-expert judges.

Along with the prize money to further entrepreneurial efforts, the award is widely seen as a major public relations boost for winning teams.

Math-linked teams in this edition of the Concept $5K challenge include:

  • 3cycle: 3cycle is setting out to capitalize on the 3D printing waste problem by introducing an effortless circular supply chain for experienced hobbyists, libraries, and makerspaces. Faculty of Math student Jason Amri is a team member of 3cycle.
  • AutoMedic: AutoMedic aims to provide accessible health screening to low-middle socioeconomic populations by increasing their health literacy and knowledge of local healthcare providers using an AI-powered application. Faculty of Math student Dev Narula is a team member of AutoMedic.

The semi-finals unfold over two evenings, set to take place March 16 and 17. Register in advance through the Concept website.