Math students dive into the world of podcasts

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Mathematical Dive podcast coverThe Math Faculty Ambassador team is set to launch the first episodes of a new podcast focused on University of Waterloo Mathematics and their experiences as students.

The new podcast is called “Mathematical Dive,” and is hosted by two current math students, Josué Kurke (BMath ’22) and Ina Wang (BMath ’21). The subject matter for the podcast will dive into the everyday experiences of undergrad students as they share what it is really like to study math at UWaterloo.

This is a podcast created by students, for students, and will feature monthly guests including remarkable students, alumni, expert guests, professors, admissions staff, coop advisors and more.

<<<Listen to the first two episodes now on Spotify>>>

The Math Faculty Ambassador Team is a volunteer-led student organization. The students involved in the program mentor other students in the faculty and work on community engagement and outreach projects.

Learn more about this initiative and how you can join on the Math Faculty Ambassador webpage.