Strategic plan implementation

Strategic plan implementation

In fall 2018, the Dean struck representative Strategic Plan Implementation Working Groups (IWG), comprised of student, staff and faculty representatives from across the Faculty.

On an annual cycle, IWGs develop proposals for pan-Faculty initiatives to help reach our strategic goals. The Dean considers feedback from the Mathematics Strategic Planning Committee (MSPC) and our financial situation to determine which will receive funding.

Each winter, MSPC reviews progress toward our strategic goals, our current context, and institutional priorities. This identifies changes needed to capitalize on new opportunities or address unforeseen challenges, which are then provided as guidance to IWGs for the coming proposal cycle.

As of May 2022, we have completed four implementation cycles and launched 19 implementation initiatives.

Of note, our strategic plan implementation is far from limited to the pan-Faculty initiatives reported here. Offices and individuals across Mathematics are also moving us toward our goals and objectives every day. A small selection of these contributions are highlighted in the Math Strategic Plan progress report, updated each fall.

Pan-Faculty implementation initiatives progress