Incomplete procedure

This page reflects the new university policy regarding INCs effective September 1, 2017.

To request an Incomplete (INC) in a course, you need to follow the 'Verification of Illness' procedure. Make sure you show your instructor all the relevant documentation necessary to make an informed decision. An INC will not be granted without proper documentation. The instructor will make the final decision on all INC requests.

You should also review the university process for INC grades.

Is there a deadline for requesting an INC?

Requests to your instructor must be made within 48 hours of your missed final exam.

If you are unable to meet with your instructor in person to discuss the INC agreement arrangements, you must send all documentation to your instructor by email and communicate with them about your course INC agreement details.

If you cannot contact your course instructor or the instructor has left the university and is unreachable, you should contact the course coordinator (for multi section courses) or the department/school offering the course. If you are unable to find the appropriate person to contact, the MUO will be able connect you to an appropriate person who will make a decision on your INC request.

What type of documents do I need?

The University of Waterloo Verification of Illness Form (VIF) (PDF) is normally the only acceptable medical documentation.

If you attend another medical location off campus you must provide the VIF to the physician for completion.

Instructors, although not compelled to do so, may accept other illness documentation if all information from the VIF is covered in the off campus paperwork.

When will I complete my INC?

This will be determined by your instructor, but you will probably be expected to write the exam the next time the course is offered and you are on a study term. University policy requires that the INC be resolved within one year of the fully graded date of the term in which you took the course.

An INC grade not finished by the established deadline will result in a final course grade equal to the students earned grade to date. If the course syllabus specified that the missing course work was required to pass the course the lapsed INC grade will be the lesser of: the earned grade to date or 4% less than the course passing grade.

What kinds of INC requests are granted?

A grade of INC is awarded to a student who has done course work during the term well enough that they could reasonably be expected to earn a passing mark in the course, but, was unable to complete end-of-term course requirements (usually the final exam) for reasons beyond their control.

If a student is unable to finish a course because of problems earlier in the term, they should consult an academic advisor. This is not grounds for making an INC request.

What you should be aware of, if an INC is granted.

In the term you are clearing your INC, you must contact the instructor who is teaching the course and ask them to grant you access to the LEARN site. This will give you access to the current course material that you will be examined on.

If you are granted a grade of INC in a course, you will not be allowed to enrol in a subsequent course that requires the INC course as a prerequisite.

The total unit weight of INC courses and the courses enrolled for the current term may not normally exceed 3.25 units. If an INC will not be completed in the current term because the course is not offered, you may obtain permission from an academic advisor to exceed this limit. Once the Instructor has granted you an 'INC' grade and submitted the form to the Registrar's Office, you will receive an email outlining your course completion details.