University COVID-19 update

The University of Waterloo is constantly updating our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions about buildings and services? Visit the list of Modified Services.

Please note: The University of Waterloo is closed for all events until further notice.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? We want to help you.

Many people struggle with the academic aspects of university. You are not alone.

It is a very common experience to struggle with managing your time, to find that your grades drop since high school or to encounter assignments that you can’t complete on your own.

Many students feel unsure about whether they can succeed. Some students do well on a few assignments and are shocked to do poorly on a midterm or final exam. Other students struggle with their confidence even if they are managing all right.

You are not alone. Help is available. Reach out: all of these people are here for you and want to help you.