Programs listed by theme

The same program may be listed under multiple themes if courses in that program cover a broad range of topics.


Artistry, language, and expression

Learn new ways to communicate with others and to express yourself through language, drama, art, design, music, and more.


Body, mind, and medicine

Use your knowledge and compassion to benefit individuals and communities. Learn to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.


Business, accounting, and finance

Choose one of our combination business degrees to gain specialized skills and knowledge in two areas of interest.


Elements, organisms, and nature

Explore the wonders of nature — be it chemical reactions, astrophysics, or environmental sustainability.


Engineering, architecture, and planning

If you have an eye for smart design and often find yourself thinking of ways to do things differently or more efficiently, explore the programs in this interest area.


Government, policy, and law

If you think change can – and should – start with you, the programs in this area will suit you well. Learn to think critically so you can make the world a better place.


Math, computing, and technology

Solve meaningful problems using math and computers. Waterloo gives you access to some of the top minds in academia and industry. 


Society, culture, and relationships

Explore the world and understand how people, groups, and political powers can shape it.


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